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 „Nazdravanii” [our school magazine]
• Numarul 1 [December 2014]
• Numarul 2 [December 2014]
• Numarul 3 [January and February 2015]
 coaching1„Montessori evening for parents”
an evening with material presentation from the „Sensorial Development” curricular area.
 coaching2School Material Presentation
„Montessori evening for parents”
an evening with Montessori material presentation.
The evening was dedicated to all parents who’s children are preschoolers and will be enrolled in Primaria 1 Montessori Schule.
The presentations were made by students from Montessori School.
 coaching3Practical Life at Montessori
Montessori evening for parents”, an evening with material presentation from the „Practical Life” curricular area.
 coaching4At Carturesti, we talk with Liane Delschand and Daniela Crainic about the kindergarten we desire for our children
Do we get involved now or we let the future of our children and their education to chance?
 coaching5Workshop ‘Natur und Kultur’
Presentation of Montessori materials from „Nature and Culture” curricular area, regarding the project “The School of Montessori Parents”.
 coaching6At Carturesti, we talk with Laura Caraiman about the Montessori pedagogy.
 coaching7Open days at Montessori Haus Timisoara.
 coaching8Introductory Seminary in Montessori Pedagogy
Main principles of the  Montessori pedagogy for preschool age, on 6 – 8 July 2012, at Montessori Haus Timisoara



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