Our Mission

Our mission is to help the development of the child in a safe and stimulating, prepared environment, which gives him the freedom to explore, create, cooperate and to become himself.

We have an unshakeable trust in the child’s nature and in their capacity to achieve their maximum potential, in a child centered and specially prepared environment, in which are free to explore with all their senses, to experiment success and failure and to feel the joy of learning.

In our days, education is seen as a vital link, a part of the society. Contemporary society, which is characterized by a continuous and rapid development, requires from today’s education institutions, to convey a vast knowledge baggage and also to learn the future adult to adapt in a continuous changing society.

The child, future adult, has on his shoulders the responsibility to solve the critical situations and vital problems with which, the today and future humanity, is and will be facing.

Montessori school is following it’s mission to come out and greet the intellectual and individual needs of children, to form and organize the environment in order to contribute at the formation of a complete education and self-education method.

Starting with the belief that every child is unique and possesses capacities with which he will help the development and progress of the society, Montessori school is promoting the child rights, his right to have his individuality and independence respected, to be helped to express his will, giving him the freedom and in the same time the responsibility for his decisions.

Our main purpose is to boost the maximum development of the child’s potential and also to prepare them for their integration in society. The school must stimulate the students to discover their individuality, unique personality, and independence, as well as their capacity to fulfill their mission to contribute at the progress of humanity. Children are stimulated to show intellectual and moral autonomy, capacity to adapt to change, solidarity and a positive, opened attitude towards learning. They are encouraged to solve their problems, alone, and prove they have a positive social behavior.

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