In spring 2007, Montessori Kinderhaus Association opened the gates for the first kindergarten for children with ages between 2-6 years old, offering the possibility to grow and develop in the Montessori pedagogy spirit. Experienced teachers and assistants coordinated the first mixed age class, followed in short time by a second class, thereby in the summer of 2007, Montessori Kinderhaus had 30 children already.

Starting with September 2008 a new class was created for children with ages between 2-3 years old, coordinated by specialized teachers for this age.

Desiring to continue this process and to provide children with ages over 6 years old the possibility to learn and develop in a Montessori environment , Montessori Association founded in 2008 „Montessori Schule”, a school teaching in German, for children with ages between 6-9, followed by a second class for children with ages between 9-12 in 2009 and in 2014 a class for the secondary level.

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