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Montessori Haus Secondary School Timisoara is the first Montessori type institution authorized by the Ministry of Education from Romania, in 2007.

Also, Montessori Haus Timisoara is functioning beginning with 2011, based on the first national Montessori curriculum, authorized by the Ministry of Education. We are the only Montessori school from Romania which is offering, in this moment, an educational trail starting from preschool level till gymnasium level.

Starting with 2007 until this moment, over 250 families from Romania and countries all over Europe have chosen our institution for the quality of its educational process, practiced according with the standards of the educational system developed by dr. Maria Montessori, and also for the variety of the educational offer.

Our kindergarten and school community is continuously growing, counting at present over 209 children and approximate 48 teachers and administrative personnel. Our activity is running in modern buildings, equipped according with the international standards and built to serve the educational programs and needs of our children, students and employees.

The first building, built in 2007 initially used for preschool activities, is hosting classes equipped with didactic materials used in Montessori education alternative, for children from primary and secondary level. The second building, finished in 2010, is hosting spacious and modern classes, dedicated for educational activities and specially developed for preschool children. Our institution is offering a library equipped with books for children and for our employed teachers, also a modern gym, with the latest equipment.

Montessori Haus Secondary School Timisoara – Study Program:

1. National Montessori Curriculum for pre-university, pre-school and primary level.
2. Romanian National Curriculum for minorities – German language, for secondary school level.

Our educational offer and also Montessori philosophy is contributing to our mission in creating an environment that inspires trust, safety, support and cultural diversity, important elements in child development. Our educational activity is taking place in German language, in an interactive and natural way, which stimulates the curiosity and desire of the child in learning. The educational process is child centered and with the help of our teachers, learning is becoming pleasant, without stress and competition. Every child is encouraged and supported in reaching his maximum potential.

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