Montessori Secondary School is an educational institution accredited by the Ministry of Education from Romania.

Dear friends,

I greet you by bringing to your attention Maria Montessori’s thoughts that are the guidelines of our work and mission.

The best methods are those, that stimulate the maximum interest of an individual, that gives him the possibility to work alone, to make his own experience and which are allowing him to change the study with practical life.” Maria Montessori

It is a pleasure to be addressing you as pedagogue, with passion for education and as a member of the management department of Montessori Haus Timisoara School.

Our community is constantly growing, not only the number of children and teachers but also the schooling levels and the local and national informative activities.

New followers of the Montessori education method are joining us, annually, in the challenge of making the values of this pedagogy known and presented as an instrument of individual development.

Montessori Haus Timisoara has a great responsibility, regarding Montessori name, in order to maintain the high quality standards and principles introduced on the global level by dr. Maria Montessori.

We have to prove that the Montessori education is a recognized education method, from birth until 18 years old, and it is not just a sophisticated activity, an alternative for the traditional education, practiced in kindergartens and schools, as it is often perceived.

In a continuously changing society in which the attitude and free spirit is asked at every level, we want to teach our children to become leaders through freedom.

The Montessori pedagogy is encouraging children to express freedom in every activity and action. This freedom allows the person to develop his capacities in taking his own decisions based on the things he observed, and determines trust and self respect.

It is a privilege for us to play the significant role in forming the generations of children who will create a society based on freedom, respect and solidarity.

prof. Edith Gheorghiu


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